My resolution this year is to stop delivery of flyers to our house. Between the mailbox and the daily paper, a swath of unwanted paper arrives weekly.

The Daily Paper

I still enjoy the daily ritual of reading the morning news with breakfast. But the sheer volume of flyers that comes stuffed inside can be mind boggling – often thicker than the paper itself.

flyers galore 2 (WFP 2015)

So my question to the Winnipeg Free Press: Can I still be a home subscriber but not get the flyers inserted? Turns out the answer is no. A very definite no. I was told that advertisers pay to have their flyers included and that I, even as a paid subscriber, could not opt out. In their defence, advertisers are a significant source of revenue for the paper. My only option? Switch to a digital subscription.

Cost comparison: The digital version of the Winnipeg Free Press would cost me $19.20 including taxes compared with daily delivery of the print version at $31.50/mo (incl taxes). That adds up to savings of $147.60 per year.

The Winnipeg Sun also offers the option of digital vs print subscriptions for a reduced price.

The Daily post box

To stop delivery of unaddressed admail, Canada Post provides this advice on their website:

  • Place a note on your mailbox. (Check out Green Action Centre’s durable No Flyers Please! sticker for $2 each and $1 if you stop in to our offices.)
  • If you have a community or group mailbox, place the note just inside the lip of the mailbox.

Our neighbourhood just switched to a community mailbox, so I’ll be trying out the No Flyers Please! sticker inside to see if it works.

Please share any ideas or methods you’ve used to reduce or stop unwanted junk mail.