There have been many new and exciting developments at Compost Winnipeg so far this year. Here are some of the highlights since Spring!

Finished Compost Gift-Away: 

In April, for the first time ever in Compost Winnipeg’s history, in partnership with EnviroClean, we were able to gift our residential clients a bag of premium organic compost! The results and overall response to this gift-away was very positive and extremely helpful. We aim to bring our finished compost to market in time for next spring. 

New Trucks & Collection Units:

In May, we introduced a Dodge 3500 to our fleet complete with a 6 yard collection unit with Perkins lift. We were also able to upgrade one of our current collection vehicles with a 3 yard bin. These upgrades were made in anticipations of some exciting changes coming to our residential clients collection service bin upgrades. More details coming soon! 

Funds Raised from Pumpkin Drop Used Towards Service for Non-Profit:

In June, we welcomed the Bruce Oake Recovery Centre to our service using the funds raised from the 1st annual pumpkin drop. In the first 5 weeks of service they have already diverted over 680kg of organic waste from the landfill. That is equal to 612kg of CO2e or the carbon sequestered by 10 seedlings grown for 10 years!  

Commercial Client Survey: 

In July, we have been engaging our commercial clients in a survey to better learn about their environmental goals and how we can better serve their needs not only at Compost Winnipeg but with the many services that Green Action Centre has to offer, from sustainable transportation to food waste reduction. Would you like to participate in the survey? Take 3 minutes to complete this online form!

New General Manager:

In August, Compost Winnipeg welcomed our new general manager, Amanda Wolfe. During this exciting time for organic waste diversion in Winnipeg, we are thrilled to have Amanda’s experience and knowledge. Read her bio to learn more!

Amanda has a wide range of experience leading environmental projects, from water treatment to waste reduction to public engagement.  She has a degree in applied science from the University of British Columbia and is a registered Professional Engineer.  She moved from Vancouver to Winnipeg in 2006, and was quickly won over by the friendly people and sense of community.

Amanda has a strong belief in environmental and social sustainability, which led her to Compost Winnipeg.  She is excited about the opportunities ahead for Compost Winnipeg, as the value of social enterprises and social equity gain recognition, and the diversion of organic material from the landfill increases in importance.  

Outside of work, Amanda enjoys spending time with her partner and kids, reading, biking, walking, and listening to podcasts.

We can’t wait to see what the rest of this year will bring!