It is Indigenous Awareness Month and in celebration of that we want to shed light on the fact that Indigenous Peoples were using the principles of sustainability long before the idea of ‘eco-friendly’ came into being. There are many naturally sustainable practices that are part of their every day life, and non-Indigenous communities could certainly stand to learn a lot from them. They are the originators of the litter-less feast, for example, which is one of our favourite sustainable efforts to try to build into our own lives! 

Switch to Real Dishes – Feast

Families travel to celebrate, and feasts are always involved. Where there is a celebration, there is always food. Every family travels with a feast bundle. What is feast bundle? It is all the family needs to participate in a meal. Every feast bundle has a cup, plate, bowl, utensils, cloths for washing and drying faces and dishes for each person. These items are wrapped in a blanket, so the family has something to sit on. For celebration longer than a day, blankets and pillows are added.

Feast bundles are still the basis for litter-less dining. Why not make your own? They can be as simple as taking unused or mismatched items, and wrapping them in the cloths so they don’t rattle or break, then sliding them into a bag or a pillowcase. They can be as fun and individual as you want to make them. Scour the thrift stores looking for fun dishes, cutlery, towels, quilts, and something to put everything in. Pillowcases and tote bags are great finds for this. Decorate the bag to make it original and easy to keep track of.

Decorated Pillowcase Feast Bundle

Now that you have your own sustainable feast bundle, pack a picnic and join the fun at the Forks on June 18th. In anticipation of National Indigenous Peoples Day, APTN is planning Indigenous Day Live on June 18th from 6:00 p.m.-11”00 p.m. at the Forks. The celebration will include free activities, performers, fireworks and much more. The event will be streamed live and them will be re-broadcast on National Indigenous Peoples Day as part of its celebration of the unique cultures and achievements of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples.

Keep your feast bundle close to hand and take it to every event and gathering and encourage your friends to do the same. Plan a feast bundle party with friends. Even better, seek out the cultural teachings that are at the heart of the bundle.