Tired of witnessing wasteful behavior, and wondering what to do about it? Want to find new ways to promote environmental stewardship to your students?

We’ve got 30+ years of experience making waste reduction education accessible, effective, and fun.


gimli audit trash

One of the newest programs in our roster, Waste Reduction Road brings students and teachers face to face with waste issues in their school.

With the help of Green Action Centre staff, registered schools will undertake two ‘waste audits’ during the school year, sorting the waste they produce in a 24-hour period, and discussing ways to improve school sustainability initiatives. Coupled with a presentation on waste reduction, prizes and student incentives throughout the year, and ongoing support, Waste Reduction Road will change how you think about waste.

Interested in having your school participate? Contact Neil Bailey at neil@greenactioncentre.ca today!


ESB northern road tour Nov 2015_pic3

Host a speaker on an environmental issue. This could be anyone with responsibility for waste reduction or expertise in an environmental area.  In Winnipeg, teachers can contact Green Action Centre’s Environmental Speakers Bureau to book an environmental presentation. The list of topics is available here.


Composting landing

One of the many benefits of composting is that the finished product is a great addition to soil. Have the students experiment with growing plants in soil from the school grounds versus the same soil mixed with compost. Is there any difference in the plant growth? This is a practical introduction to the needs of growing plants and other organisms. (Tip: Radishes grow really quickly from seed!)


MC participants - vermi activity

Vermicomposting is a process using a type of worm called ‘Red Wrigglers’ to break down organic materials (food waste). It is done indoors using a small box, and is well-suited to classrooms. Many teachers have found it to be an effective starting point for discussions on waste reduction and cycles of nature. Students enjoy watching the worms break down the waste from their lunches. For more information on vermicomposting, and how to get started, Green Action Centre has prepared a guide to vermicomposting.