Our food choices directly affect our health and the health of our planet. Yet, surprisingly, few of us know what is in our food and where it’s produced. We are unaware unaware of potential risks that could affect ourselves or our communities. The way food is grown, processed, transported, consumed and disposed of has significant environmental impacts. For example, think of the greenhouse gas emissions from production and transportation, and the health effects of pesticide use. By understanding and promoting sustainable food systems, we can improve personal, family and planetary well-being. Here you will find further background information and positive opportunities for action.

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Food For Thought

The food we choose to eat and the way food is processed and distributed can have great impact.

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Local vs. Sustainable Food

What is local food? What is sustainable food? What’s the difference? Learn about how to make better food choices, the difference between local and sustainable food and where to find it.

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Interested in cooking more environmentally-friendly dishes but need some inspiration? Check out some wonderful tried-and-true recipes here!

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