Composting kitchen scraps, garden cuttings, grass, and leaves can produce a wonderful soil amendment (compost) that plants and gardens love. Approximately 40% of household waste is compostable, so composting is a great way to reduce waste and turn it into a valuable resource. There are lots more reasons that make composting so important.

Composting is simple, you don’t need fancy equipment, and it is only as much work as you want it to be. Even with Manitoba’s cold winters, you can keep on composting. The decomposition might slow down but come spring those materials will break down even faster becasue of the freeze thaw cycles that they have been exposed to.

With all its benefits, why not start taking advantage today! For more on getting started composting, check out our composting program information.

Need Help?

Green Action Centre offers presentations and courses, printed materials, and support for all your composting needs. If you have questions give us a call:

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Are you unable to compost at home and looking for a place to take your compostable materials? There are numerous community composting sites that you can use.