Active and Safe Routes to School is a set of programs and services coordinated by Green Action Centre to increase the number of youth walking and cycling to school to live a healthier and eco-friendlier lifestyle.

Through special events, presentationsresourcesdata collection, and programming, we work with schools to reduce barriers and encourage healthy and sustainable transportation to school.

The following are special projects we are working on and/or are involved in. Learn more:

Bike Education and Skills Training (BEST)

In 2016, we began working with Bike Winnipeg, Seven Oaks School Division, Manitoba Public Insurance, and the WRENCH to introduce cycling education into Manitoba’s Physical Education curriculum. Click here to learn more about the BEST Program.

Loan-a-lock Program

A great way for schools to encourage students to bike to school, while reducing barriers, is by owning a set of locks that are available to borrowed by students for the day if they forgot theirs, don’t have access to one, or experience an issue with the one their currently own. Learn how you can start this program at your school here.

Bike Parking Program

In partnership with the City of Winnipeg, we offer free bike racks to schools across the city to increase access to bike infrastructure and promote biking to school. Click here to learn more!

School Travel Planning (STP)

School Travel Planning (STP) is a holistic approach to addressing the barriers that keep kids from walking or wheeling to school. We work with schools and communities set up a multi-year action plan, and provide support along the way.

Free to be Kids

Free to be Kids is a community-led initiative working towards healthy independence for Manitoban children. Independent play is an important component of child health and development. Through advocacy to change to policy and legislation that restricts how children are able to move, play and explore, and by encouraging a shift in public perception and social expectations, children in Manitoba will have more opportunities for safe, independent play. 

Learn more here

Safe Speeds Winnipeg

Safe Speeds Winnipeg is a group of concerned citizens and organizations that want to see safer roads and neighbourhoods in Winnipeg, aligning with other cities that are implementing Vision Zero policies. Through advocacy, community engagement, and consultation, Safe Speeds WPG is supporting 30km/hr speed limits for residential streets. 

Learn more here