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We’ve compiled these great resources to help with planning and promoting your event. A big shout-out to Ontario Active School Travel for what they’ve contributed!

 Looking for general active transportation handouts, and curriculum tie-ins? Visit our Resources for Teachers Page.

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  • Don’t hibernate, celebrate! Do your body and brain a favour and hike to school for Winter Walk Day on Wednesday, February 6.
  • Think it’s too cold? Be bold! Be like a polar bear and bundle up for Winter Walk Day on Wednesday, February 6! By layering and covering your face, being outside is no problem!
  • Winter Walk? Let’s talk! Walking to school is great for your health and reinforces pedestrian safety skills.
  • What’s your favourite memory of winter walking? Let’s make sure kids today have the same good memories! Join us for Winter Walk Day on Wednesday, February 6 and embrace our beautiful Manitoba winters!
  • Too far to walk? Just do a block! If you have to drive, help us keep traffic and air pollution away from the school area by dropping off your child a short distance from the school.
  • Did you know that cars produce more pollutants when it’s cold? If you have to drive, please keep the air clean for our students by shutting off your vehicle. Better yet, park a short distance away and get some exercise!


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