Most days we hear only about companies that are destroying the environment in the pursuit of profit. How about some good news for a change?

Certified B Corporations are for profit companies that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. Kind of like your Fair Trade chocolate or organic milk. There are over 150 certified B corps in Canada with three in Winnipeg, including design and communications firm Manoverboard.

“We became a B Corp to add to a growing chorus of companies that seek meaningful and sustainable change for communities and the environment. By becoming a B Corp, we show our support for the triple bottom line of people, planet, prosperity and we demonstrate our commitment to both our values and the future of business.”

But Manoverboard has taken it even further by choosing Green Action Centre as the beneficiary of pro bono work by their company and as recipient of their contribution to 1% for the Planet. From logo creation for our new ridematching tool to developing an interactive and playful green screen for use at displays, among other contributions, Manoverboard has helped Green Action Centre in meaningful and significant ways. Thank you, Manoverboard!

So when it feels like many businesses are ignoring their impact on our environment, don’t despair! There are companies out there working hard to be different – to not only operate sustainably, but to actively create a more sustainable world.

Manoverboard created an app for Green Action Centre with cheekily themed virtual backdrops relating to sustainable transportation and waste reduction. Manitobans can step in front of a green screen to magically become Green Action Heroes. Even staff like to get in on the act!