why participate in commuter challenge?

1. Good for THE PLANET

Here are the facts: Commuting by car is the largest single source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Manitoba. GHG emissions are the leading cause of climate change and air pollution. These pollutants are a source of further problems for people with respiratory ailments. Reducing the use of motor vehicles for transportation also reduces the need for new roadways and parking lots.

2. Save money

According to the CAA, the average cost to own and operate a vehicle can range from $8,500-$11,500 or higher each year based on the typical 18,000 km driven. Compare this to the cost of a monthly bus pass year-round ($900) or better yet, save all your money by using your bike to get around! There are also bigger financial benefits related to health care costs and reducing the need for your community to continue expanding roads.

3. Get Fit

Today more and more people are becoming increasingly sedentary in their lifestyle. A recent Manitoba in motion study found that less than half of all Manitobans get enough physical activity. Using active and sustainable transportation – like walking, cycling and riding the bus – allows people to incorporate at least some physical activity into their every day commute. It’s also a great stress reliever!


Convinced? Ready to green commute? Why not get rewarded for it!

how does commuter challenge work?


1. Look at your current transportation choices and explore greener commuting alternatives, including taking the bus, cycling, walking, carpooling, telecommuting … Or just about anything that will get you to work, besides driving alone in a car!

2. You’ve decided you’re up for the challenge! Register as either an individual or together with others from your workplace.

3. From June 2nd to 8th, 2013, join thousands of your fellow Manitobans by green commuting to work! During that week, log onto the tracking website and enter the kilometres traveled for each green commute.



If you’re interested in promoting the Challenge at your workplace, Green Action Centre is here to help! We will provide you with the ideas, resource materials, workplace registration training and the support you need to increase your workplace participation.