Green Action Centre hosts a month-long event called “Walktober” to help build healthy habits and promote active school travel for all Manitoban students. In past years, more than 30 schools from across Manitoba have participated!

To follow guidelines and protocols as part of schools’ Covid-19 response plans, all programming will be available online for students at home or in the classroom. This year, Walktober includes a range of activities for students to complete, whether that be a social distanced scavenger hunt or a collaborative virtual walk with their class. It’s a great way to get students to learn about urban design, active transportation, and healthy living.

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Check out the wide range of programming options! Kick off your Walktober on October 7th with International Walk to School Day.  There’s a wide range of ways to participate too.  Try out a once-weekly, Walking-Wheeling Wednesday, to help students keep a routine—new habits can take a while to build! Maybe parents are apprehensive about their kids’ maturity? The Let Grow Project is a great way to build a child’s independence and confidence. 

Walktober provides students, staff, and guardians the opportunity to establish lifelong habits, which in the long run will increase the activity and wellbeing of our future generations. 

Walktober celebrations are unique to each participant, and you can join for a day, a week, or the entire month! Your school, individual classrooms, and/or family can host activities to encourage children to walk and how their community can be more walkable. Register today!

We’re giving away entry prizes too! All you need to do is register, and then get walkin’.

  • Pizza Party Package
    A pizza party for a class or family, at a local pizza joint!
  • Go-go-Granola Package
    Snacks to keep you and all your friends goin! Receive 112 peanut free, chocolatey, and full of energy granola bars.
  • Hop, Skip and Jump Package
    Games to have fun inside or outside! Skipping ropes, sidewalk chalk and a game of ring toss.

Are you an adult, and want to participate in a walking challenge of your own? Check out our GoTober Challenge. Win prizes for using sustainable transportation, including walking, biking, busing or carpooling!