With the frequent temperature changes we’ve experienced this winter in Manitoba, it’s a good idea to check tire pressure on the ‘vehicles’ you use. Under inflated tires can cost you in fuel consumption, and can turn your journey by bike or stroller from pleasant to painful.

Checking tire pressure on your motorized vehicle

Past EcoDriver experts Dave Elmore and Kate Dykman walk you through the why, when and how to checking your vehicle tire pressure. You will even find a short how-to video link at the bottom of the page.

Checking tire pressure on your bicycle or stroller

Whether you’ve been riding all winter or you’re preparing for spring, it’s a good idea to check the tire pressure on your bicycle. Properly inflated tires will help you to ride more smoothly in all weather conditions.

Some strollers with small bicycle wheels also require tire inflation. As the weather changes and your child grows, keep your tires properly inflated for a more comfortable ride.

If you are unsure about adding air to your bicycle or stroller tires, this page from Bikes & Beyond shows you how to inflate in three easy steps.