How exhilarating to come back to the working world after having been a stay-at-home mom for the past 4 years. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids and I miss them terribly during the day. But to be able to sit still and complete a task at one time, to be able to discuss an ongoing project with a co-worker, oh, the land of adults is a wonderful place!

But let’s be straight, being a working mom is hard work. My day does not only include a 7 hour work-day – tack on another 5 hours or so to get everyone fed, dressed and off to school or bed (and let’s not forget the lunch-making shift at 9:00pm). The days are long.

So where do I find solace and relaxation in the midst of all of that? In the most unlikely place – on the bus!

The decision to take the bus to work was originally for cost savings and environmental impact, but I’m finding that I am getting so much more out of it than I thought. Not only do I feel good about lowering my environmental footprint and saving money on parking, but this is a forced relaxation period.

When I’m on the bus, I am forced to sit back and relax. There are no toddlers, no emails, no meetings, no dinners to cook, no groceries to get and no traffic to fight. It’s total bliss! I pull out my book, sit back and get lost in a story. Or maybe on a sunny day, I look outside and notice the beautiful historic buildings in our downtown. If you are a working mother and looking for some “me” time where you can just sit and be alone with your thoughts, consider taking the bus.

Further, there are numerous benefits of taking the bus with your kids. Also, check out our blog on how to exit the back door or to incorporate transit into your commute.

But mostly, think about taking the bus as a time to slow down, take a breath and earn a well deserved break from your busy day.