If you ever needed a reason to walk or bike to school, just watch our fun, new video (above). They’re so excited about it, they will have you outside in no time.

So, what better time to try getting to school actively, than during Bike to School Month? Join us from May 9-June 8th for the second annual event to celebrate biking to school. The month-long fun ends on Clean Air Day (June 8th) to get everyone outside walking, biking, or skateboarding to school.

To celebrate, we have fun FREE workshops for schools, including bike stunt shows, WRENCH workshops and bike blender smoothies, as well as fun prizes for participants – free ice cream for a class from BDI, passes to SkyZone and a Winnipeg Jets Prize pack.

If all that doesn’t convince you, then participate to see the smiles on all your students faces when they are outside, riding with their friends. Reports also show that students who commute actively participate better in class (up to 40%!).

So many benefits leaves only one option….

There’s still time, please register online here at:https://greenactioncentre.ca/content/bike-to-school-month-clean-air-day/

Happy biking (and walking!)