Sign on to the Stop and Pay Attention page and show your support for safer healthier communities:

By permission, Don Chambers

Residents of Lord Roberts neighbourhood in Winnipeg have launched a Facebook page to draw attention to something that should be obvious to all drivers: stop signs mean stop. Their Facebook page, Stop And Pay Attention  has drawn attention of local media. This rule is especially important near schools. Kids are especially vulnerable to traffic collisions because they may not know the rules of the road or act as drivers may predict. And yet, drivers in Manitoba too often roll through intersections even in school zones.

This problem is aggravated by increased traffic near schools. Parents driving their kids to and from school are significant contributors to traffic congestion. The hectic pace of parents getting their kids out of the car and getting back on the roads can lead to bad decision making and accidents.

The best option is get out of your car and find other ways for getting your kids to school. Read our top five reasons to choose Active and Safe Routes to School.

Meanwhile, if you do choose to drive, especially around schools, don’t forget to stop and pay attention. Sign on to the Stop and Pay Attention page here and show your support for safer, healthier communities.