Southdale students will have reason to celebrate when they go back to school this fall. A new path and bridge are set to be installed before school starts to help make the journey for those who walk and bike to school a little safer. The trail, approved last month, includes a bike and pedestrian walkway from Bishop Grandin Boulevard north of Shorehill Drive to Beaverhill Boulevard. Currently, students would use a shortcut by cutting through the greenspace north of Shorehill which involves crossing a storm water ditch either by jumping over it or by using an improvised bridge. Other times, students would walk along the train tracks to school, which is obviously very dangerous.

This much needed change is just the positive example Winnipeg and its schools need to continue to work towards. Green Action Centre is very excited for this new addition for schools and students in the Southdale area. The Active and Safe Routes to School Program is always trying to promote active transportation and physical activity and schools are slowly adapting to achieve this.  Pretty much everyone wins with a shift towards safer, more walkable streets; parents won’t have to worry as much about their child travelling to school; students get to school healthier and safer and schools can reduce traffic congestion with more students walking and biking.

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