The City of Winnipeg has an opportunity to set new default speed limits. New provincial law has made speed limits the responsibility of municipalities. The City of Winnipeg has a new opportunity to set a city-wide speed limit that supports safe, healthy, thriving communities. 

30km/h is the only safe speed where people share the road with vehicles. Let’s set a new speed limit for Winnipeg that prioritizes people’s safety and mobility over cars.

Show your support for safe speeds.

Sign the petition. Talk to your neighbours. Tell your City Councillor. 

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Why 30km/hr? 

Risk of pedestrian death drops from 80% to 5% when speeds are reduced from 50km/h to 30km/h

Safe speeds promotes healthy people and thriving neighourhoods, where children are more likely to play outside

Retail businesses thrive with more cyclist and pedestrian traffic

Streets feel safer for people to use healthy & sustainable transportation

  • Kids are more likely to walk, bike or roll to school
  • Older adults are more able to choose active transportation

Sign the petition, talk to your neighbours, tell your City Councillor.