Green Action Centre joined the Manitoba Professional Planners Institute (MPPI), Architects Without Borders Canada, Manitoba Association of Landscape Architects, Professional Interior Designers Institute of Manitoba, and the University of Winnipeg to re-imagine uses for parking space in Winnipeg. For one day, we converted parking spots in downtown Winnipeg into whimsical spaces that caught the eye and minds of passing pedestrians, motorists and cyclists.

Brian Barkely from CJOB tries his hand at fishing (Photo: Green Action Centre by permission)

For our spot, Green Action Centre set up a “fishing” hole complete with our fish pond (actually, four recycling bins that proved quite seaworthy once the holes were taped over at the bottom), lawn chairs and crank radio. Passersby stopped to catch a fish or two (okay, pipe cleaners in the shape of fish) and learn more about PARK(ing) Day and how we might make better use of the 25% of land that is used, on average, in most cities for parking.

One fellow visiting from Red Deer, Alberta, noted that their city had converted 20 downtown parking spots to parklets. These little oases mostly consist of nice benches and potted plants. Perfect spots for soaking in some sunshine, chatting with a friend or just watching people go by. Perhaps in Winnipeg next year?