The week of the Commuter Challenge is a perfect time to try out an active and green commute. But where to start?

Step 1: Find some inspiration in commuting stories from other participants.

Step 2: Choose what you want to try – walking, cycling, transit or carpooling.

  • Walking – decide on your route, throw your dress shoes and lunch in a backpack, and head out. Maybe you want to walk partway and grab the bus for the remainder. Or you can always walk to work and then bus (or carpool) home.
  • Cycling – first make sure your bike is ready to ride then plan your route with the Winnipeg Cycling Map. Choose a combination of streets and/or pathways that fit with your comfort level. (Find our photo guide to Winnipeg’s bike infrastructure types here.) Check out other helpful advice – from locking your bike to hauling gear and smelling nice when you arrive. We’ve also compiled the top 7 excuses not to bike (and how to get past them) for you.
  • Transit – use Navigo, the handy online trip planner to quickly figure out which bus to take, where and when. Just enter your the address of where you’re starting from (e.g. your house) and where you’re going to (e.g. workplace). Google Maps is also handy when you’re on the move as well as the mobile version of Navigo. Check out a variety of transit tools and tips for Winnipeg.
  • Carpooling – download our tips [pdf] for finding a carpool partner and basic etiquette and figuring out a fair fee for sharing a ride. Check out these two personal stories for inspiration and guidance: 6 Guys, 1 Van = 1 Successful Carpool and Carpooling Made Easy.

Step 3: Sign up for the Commuter Challenge and log your commute to be eligible to win prizes!

Step 4: Adjust as needed and repeat.