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How to Fit your Bike Helmet Properly

In order to properly protect your head in the event of a fall while cycling, your helmet must:

  • Touch your head all the way around.
  • Be as low on the head as possible for maximum side coverage.
  • Be level and stable. When you shake your head around, the helmet stays in place.
  • Have a strap that fits snugly under your chin.


It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

In Manitoba, it’s pretty common to get caught in a downpour when cycling. In case your child is caught in these conditions make sure they understand these wet-weather cycling tips:

  • When brakes get wet, stopping time increases. Cyclists need to ride slower in wet weather, and pump their brakes gently while going down hills to slow their speed.
  • Vehicle drivers have decreased visibility in rainy conditions. As always, your child needs to make sure they have eye contact with drivers before crossing the street.




Wet-Weather Cycling Tip

If your child cycles to school, pack a shower-cap, or plastic bag in their backpack for them to put on their bicycle seat when they get to school. And if it rains during the school day they don’t have to sit on a wet seat for the ride home! For more active transportation tips visit