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Daily Dose of Physical Activity

In this exciting age of advancing technology, children and youth are spending more time than ever online or with video games rather than playing outside. This makes it even more important to ensure your child is getting enough physical activity every day. It can be as simple as walking or bicycling to school and other places. Find out more about the Active and Safe Routes to School Program at


Be Prepared Rain or Shine!

The spring months are a great time for active transport to and from school, but spring weather can be very unpredictable. In order to be prepared, make sure you check the weather forecast before sending your child off to school. That way you can pack suitable clothing in their backpack for the day ahead. For more active transportation tips visit


Walk with Neighbors

Walking is a great way to get to school no matter the time of the year. It’s even better if your neighborhood is able to walk together! Walking School Buses are just that: a group of kids and parents that walk to school together to get some exercise, ensure safety and have fun doing it!  Check to see if your school has this program and get to school the better way today. If you’re interested in knowing how to set up a Walking School Bus, please contact the Active and Safe Routes to School team at