Rosser School celebrated International Walk to School Day on October 9th with an amphibian friend, our very own Terra the Frog! The students spent the morning hopping, skipping, jumping and making a conga line (yes, you read right) with Terra for a new take on getting active at school. So much fun was had that they even invited us back for their winter and spring events!

Being a rural school, a lot people don’t think its possible to use active transportation, but Rosser school is a model for how to adjust your thinking and make physical activity a priority. Since most of the kids come from out of town or a far distance, the school has all their students run a couple laps around their schoolyard each morning. In the spring, they also do an annual 8 km bike ride from Rosser School to Grosse Isle! We joined them on their daily school run for iWalk and to congratulate the school on their amazing, healthy habits. Thanks for letting us hop along with you this morning, Rosser School, and we hope everyone had a great International Walk to School Day!


How was your iWalk event this year?

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