Do you – or could you – live without a car? Something to ponder or put into action on Thursday, September 22nd, International Car Free Day.

Many urban dwellers couldn’t imagine life without at least four wheels parked in the driveway. Yet there are a number of Winnipeggers who are choosing to get around without owning a car. With a little tweaking and the odd attitude adjustment, they’re finding a car-free or car-light lifestyle that suits them. That’s what we found out after blogging about the possibility of living without a car in Winnipeg. (Check out Myth busted! You can live car-free in Winnipeg or our press release for International Car Free Day.)

Whether it’s choosing their neighbourhood so they live close to work or transit, joining a car co-op to share vehicles, or taking advantage of new bike lanes and pathways, these Winnipeggers are making it work.

Maybe this is the year that you go car-free or perhaps a little more car-light!