(Thanks to Lisa Baldwin for sharing her story…)

Getting back into riding my bike to work got me thinking. I wish I could convince other people just how easy it is and how great it makes you feel!

Cutest commuter out there! (Okay, maybe I’m biased)

I have all the excuses in the book — young kids, long distance to go, not a confident cyclist, swimming lessons, a job where I need to look professional, and not a lot of money for fancy equipment or accessories — yet we make it work and I love it!

The Commuter Challenge is a wonderful opportunity for people to try biking to work. I believe if people tried it they would wonder why they didn’t do it more (or before). If they only knew that cycling is for everyone and that you don’t have to be a cycling superstar to make it happen.

How did I do it? We live out of town so I store my bike at a friend’s house near St. Vital Shopping Centre and ride from there. I drop my girls off at daycare by car in the morning but often after work I will load my oldest daughter’s bike into the bike trailer, bike to their daycare and all three of us ride home together. I want my girls to value active transportation and master the skills to do it. Hailey, the oldest, is so good on her bike and with road safety. I truly believe it is because I have given her so many opportunities and I expect my Kaitlyn, my younger daughter, to be the same. And while I don’t have a shower at work I just pack baby wipes, deodorant and a hairbrush, and I can still look professional and smell nice.

With the help of the Commuter Challenge (the catalyst to get back at it), the cycling map, a little planning and great support from groups like Green Action Centre, I made it happen and love, love, LOVE it!