Sometimes it can seem like walking or cycling isn’t an option because you need to transport heavy or multiple items. Bike trailers, baskets, grocery pull carts, and even toboggans offer relatively inexpensive and quick ways to overcome this barrier.

bike trailers

A basket on your bike’s handlebars or fixed to a rear rack is helpful for carrying day-to-day items. But if you want to transport more or heavier items – such as bags of groceries – a bike trailer is an excellent solution. While trailers for children have been commonplace for years, bike trailers for hauling cargo are becoming increasingly familiar. Ranging from $200-$500 brand new, or less if you can find a used one (or make your own), these handy items typically haul up to 70-100 pounds of stuff, and easily attach and detach from your rear wheel. Many bike trailer models can also be hauled as a wagon, making it dual purpose.

Examples of bike trailers

Here are three different models of bike trailers purchased locally. The two-wheeled trailers are more stable but also a little wider.

Grocery pull carts

If you like to walk, there are a variety of collapsible grocery pull carts available today – from the familiar metal cart to cloth bag carts that resemble an over-sized purse. Most fold up for easy storage and can be pulled onto buses.


Snow on the ground can actually make it easier to haul stuff using a toboggan or sled. Look for a version with a lip to keep your grocery bags or other items from sliding off or find a bin that fits within the slats of the sled to hold your bags. A simple but satisfying solution. Fun for the kids, too!