Get ready folks, it’s almost time for the annual Winnipeg Folk Festival!

As you’re planning out your trip, we wanted to give you all of the information you need to help decide on a sustainable way to travel. We will provide details on cycling, carpooling (with GoManitoba!), and taking the free shuttle.

Which way will you choose?


We wrote a blog post a few years ago that outlined the route from Winnipeg to Birds Hill, but there has been some new infrastructure added since then!

Our route began at the Northeast Pioneers Greenway.

Northeast Pioneers Greenway

We cycled over the Chief Peguis Highway.

Pioneer’s Pass

Then came to the end of the Northeast Pioneer Greenway trail. Traffic is then directed to go to Henderson HWY, as construction is still going on under the bridge. Soon, cyclists and pedestrians will be able to travel under the Perimeter HWY safely with a connected pathway.

Sign at the end of Northeast Pioneers Greenway

Blockade on Raleigh

Under Perimeter HWY

New Cycle Path Under Perimeter HWY

After crossing under the bridge, continue on the gravel path or on Raleigh Rd. You will then arrive at Birds Hill School with Hoddinott Rd. in front of you.

From here, you can continue on a small paved path beside Raleigh Rd. and meet up with Birds Hill Rd. at the next intersection. After cycling down Birds Hill Rd. you would turn off to the right side at Dunning Rd. to connect with the gravel trail.  This route is fast and direct, but it is on a 90km/hr road without a shoulder. Make this decision based on your confidence and the traffic levels at that time.

Or, you can turn right onto Hoddinott Rd. and cycle into the town of Birds Hill. Turn left onto Birds Hill Rd. and then take a right on Garven Rd.. Follow this until you arrive in a parking lot that connects to the Great Trail. Take a left onto the trail and ride down this paved trail alongside the Red River Floodway.

Access to Floodway Trail from Dunning Rd.

Once you cross Dunning Rd. the path is no longer paved. Ride along the path and keep to the right, taking you towards the Floodway. Cross the bridge (if water levels are low enough) and stick to the right at the next fork in the trail. You will climb a hill and come to an enclosed bridge above 59 HWY. Cross it and follow the paved path throughout the park.

Bridge Crossing the Floodway

Bridge Crossing HWY 59

Once you have come to the end of the Duff Roblin Parkway Trail, you will arrive in the cedar bog trail parking lot. From there, you can head to the beach or get onto other trails that take you throughout the park to the Festival.

View of Bridge over HWY 59

On the Duff Roblin Parkway Trail

Find all cycling route information from The Folk Festival here.


GoManitoba has launched a single-trip matching function, perfect for festival goers! To get started, register for GoManitoba.

If you are driving out to the Folk Festival, login to GoManitoba and simply input your trip details and wait for someone to request to join your trip. This technology is totally new, so you can really help us out by promoting the fact that you’re using GoManitoba on your social media, and when you chat with other festival goers. The biggest challenge at this stage is promotion to ensure enough people are using the tool to make it a practical solution! Be sure to tag the Winnipeg Folk Festival and Green Action Centre!

If you are looking for a ride out to the Folk Festival, login to GoManitoba and search for single-trips that are open. Request to join a trip and wait to hear back from the driver. You can also enter a trip by clicking the Find A Driver button. As above, take a moment to promote this new tool via your social media and to your fellow festival goers. Tag Green Action Centre and the Winnipeg Folk Festival as we work together to spread the word!

See our blog post on single-trip matching for the step-by-step details on trip matching!

This is a great way to make friends, save money, and help the planet on your way to and from the Folk Festival!


Enjoy convenient bus service to and from the festival with our Folk Fest Express service.

Buses depart from downtown Winnipeg and stop on Festival Drive in Birds Hill Provincial Park. The downtown stop is on Northbound Memorial between St. Mary and Portage beside the Hudson’s Bay Company. 

Accessible buses will be available on an hourly basis.  

Find more information on the Folk Fest Express here.