One of the most talked about topics when taking a public transit bus is the ability to open the back door. People have taken to online forums to rant/ vent/ ask questions/ relate over the topic. We’ve all seen the struggling person unable to get out of the bus, and we can’t say we blame them for having trouble, especially if they’ve never taken the bus before or run into a door that’s different from what they’re used to. We’ve compiled some tips to share when exiting the back door of a Winnipeg Transit bus.

You have to shout “BACK DOOR” as well, or else Bus Gods won’t hear your plea.” – Winnipegger on Reddit


The green light located right above the back door indicates that the bus has come to a complete stop and the door is ready to be interacted with and opened. If the light is not on, you are likely not at a point that the bus driver is willing to let you off (not a stop or not close enough to the stop yet). To ensure that the bus driver knows that you are planning on exiting at the next stop, pull the yellow indicated or press a nearby stop button in advance to arriving at your stop. It’s also helpful if you are able to get yourself up and nearby the back door a stop early so that you’re able to easily get off in time. Please check the green light and use the following back door tips before resorting to panicking or yelling “BACK DOOR”!







If you find yourself on an older orange (or sometimes white) bus with steps, simply swing and hold the lever to open the back door. Easy as pie. Please hold it place as people pass behind you so it doesn’t smack into them!



If you arrive at the back door to encounter two vertical yellow strips with a raised center, my method of exit is to dig my thumb into the raised strip and hold it there (this is key; it may not work if you push it a bunch of times in short spurts). According to inside sources, the mechanism is an L-switch which needs to be held down for several seconds to activate the door.



If you approach to find yourself face-to-face with the fearsome wide yellow stripes that simply instruct you to “touch here to open”, I now have the solution to exiting with ease. The doors open via a motion sensor above you. Wait until the green light above the back door lights up, then approach and touch your hands on the strips. If your movement was not detected, move your hands and body away, then approach again.


If you find yourself on the latest bus model with back doors not unlike those on the Starship Enterprise, simply grip and hold the yellow vertical bar near the exit and voila!


Winnipeg Transit’s Tips for Entry & Exit:

  • Always use caution when entering and leaving the bus.
  • After boarding, step to the back of the bus to let other passengers enter and exit.
  • Please exit by the rear doors whenever possible.
  • On low floor buses, the rear doors are opened by pressing a tape strip on the doors. The doors will remain open for approximately 3-4 seconds. As a courtesy to following passengers, please keep your hand on the tape strip to have the doors remain open for them.

Exitus Wrongus. Oh, what a tangled web we weave when by the front door we leave. If possible, please exit by the rear door. (Credit: Winnipeg Transit)









Do you have some transit exit tips of your own? Please share them!