Tuesday May 3rd marked International Crossing Guard Appreciation Day. To mark the occasion, Green Action’s Active and Safe Routes to School team decided to recognize a very special crossing guard in Winnipeg.

St. Ignatius School is located on Corydon and Harrow, a very high traffic corner during rush hour. The school’s crossing guard Robert Sweet has sure found a creative way to address traffic concerns out front of their school – suit up!  To make himself and crossing school children more visible to passing vehicles, Robert dresses up in one of more than 100 vibrant costumes (though he says is all started with a simple hat)! Robert is also a librarian at the school, and in his spare time works with an entertainment troupe called Laughter without Borders.

Our team visited on Tuesday morning to see what costume he was wearing and congratulate him on his continued efforts to improve the safety of children that are walking or cycling. We were shocked by the amounts of waves and honks he got from car drivers, bus riders, cyclists, and pedestrians alike, seems his strategy is working…wonder what he will be wearing tomorrow?