Money talks. Compare the costs of several workplace commuter options and plan your program budget.


The EcoPass is a discounted monthly bus pass. Your company decides on the amount of discount to offer – from 5% to 100%. There are 20 discount options, with several examples below:

Discount offered Uptake (sample) Cost/employee/month Cost/employee/year
30% 10% $1.48 $17.76
50% 20% $5.33 $63.96

Showers & Change rooms

Showers and lockers can be helpful for active commuters who want a place to change into their work clothes and out of their cycling gear. The installation of a shower facility can be an expensive option. If you don’t have access to showers at your workplace, a nearby fitness centre may be able to offer subsidized passes for the use of their showers.

Shower Costs One Stall One Room Two Stalls One Room
Tie into vent & exhaust $3,900 $3,990
Waterproof Wall $2,900 $4,800
Tiling $2,700 $5,200
Plumbing $3,600 $4,400
Total $13,100 $18,390
Two Rooms, One Stall Each Two Rooms, Two Stalls Each
Tie into vent & exhaust $3,990 $4,150
Waterproof Wall $4,800 $9,200
Tiling $5,200 $10,100
Plumbing $4,400 $6,900
Total $18,390 $30,350

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Bike Cage

A bike cage is a fenced off area in a parking lot, parking garage, or laneway. Only those who bike to work have access to the key or combination lock. The space required to park one car can accommodate 12 bicycles.

Size Price Range
12 bikes (12m2, or 1 vehicular parking space)
24 bikes (24m2, or 2 vehicular parking spaces)

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Bike Racks

Bike racks provide a temporary place for guests to lock their bikes. Additionally, bike racks are used to lock individual bikes up inside a bike cage.

Bike Rack Size Price Range
2-4 bikes $300
6 bikes $360-$430
12-14 bikes $600-$640

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Emergency Ride Home Program

An Emergency Ride Home is just that: a guaranteed ride for transit users or carpoolers to get home quickly should an emergency arise. The ride is usually given through taxi vouchers or company car use, up to a maximum number of reimbursements per employee per year.

Trips/person Reimbursement /trip Average uptake Cost/employee/year
2 $20 <10% $4.00

Ridematching Service

An outside ridematching company can help your employees find a fellow employee to share a ride with. Fees include carpool matching for your workplace, management of the database, as well as marketing and promotional materials and support.

Size of Business/Institution Cost/year
Post-secondary Institutions and Large Businesses $1,750
Smaller workplaces May qualify for discounts

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Seminars and Workshops

$100 honoraria per presentation

Don’t forget to budget for the promotion of your program! Even the best program doesn’t work unless employees know their options.