Joel Ralph and son Jack waiting to catch a bus (Photo: Green Action Centre)

The morning commute can be a hectic time for families. Kids need to get to school, little ones need to be dropped off at daycare, and you need to get to work. It’s hard to consider adding an extra challenge, like taking the bus, to this busy time of day.

We at Green Action Centre hear you. Might I suggest trying to commute together by bus, bike, or walking, one day a week? The extra time you will be spending together, whether it’s chatting on the bus, or getting active on the way to school, is worth it, and kids sure enjoy the added adventure.

I have just started biking with my son to his sitter’s. I’ve been leaving the bike and bike trailer there, hopping on the bus to work, and my husband takes the bus out to pick Jack up at the end of the day and bike home. It’s been a great way to add a bit of exercise to our day, and Jack is quite happy to watch the world go by behind me. In fact, just last week, he started using hand signals from his bike trailer! He said, “I’m turning right too, mom!”

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