When you’re starting up a carpool, how do you determine how to split costs? There are a number of online calculators and resources to help you determine what makes sense for you and your carpool partners.

One such tool comes from Carpool.ca, an online carpool matching website. Once you select Manitoba within the calculator tool, average provincial costs are filled in automatically, which you can adjust as needed. Carpool.ca suggests that a realistic carpool fare include fuel and parking costs only, as adding insurance and maintenance costs may increase fares beyond what coworkers are willing to contribute, raising the overall price of cheap car insurance quotes for everyone involved.

Another similar tool that you can use as a comparison comes from the Carpooling Network. Here you can also see what your daily carbon emissions savings could be by carpooling with 1 or more adult, or by choosing another method of travel.

There are also some carpool fare apps available that you may want to test out, including My Carpool, CarPool Calculator, and vPool. Let us know if you find one that you like!

Ultimately, you and your fellow carpoolers will need to find a fee structure that works for your pool. Revisit your agreement on a regular basis and make adjustments as needed (and as gas prices and parking fees increase).