Carpooling isn’t just a practical way to save money, time and the environment – it’s also a source of human connection that can make you feel happy and positive no matter what kind of day you had.

Think about it. When you step into your car solo, it’s easy to step into your own head, too, stewing over the mishaps of the day or the to-do list waiting at home.

When you’re in the car with your friends, coworkers or classmates, there’s something comforting about the fact that you’re in it together. The commute joins you in one place where you can freely engage with others in the present moment. You can vent about your day, laugh at each other’s stories, or let it all out to a killer playlist.

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More times than not, you let go of any negative energy for the duration of your commute, leaving you emotionally and mentally refreshed for the rest of your evening. Similarly, carpooling in the morning starts your day off on the right foot, too.

Carpool Culture Is Taking Over Manitoba

Manitoba is keeping up with the future of transportation by recognizing that carpooling is a sustainable and personally rewarding way of getting around.

The GoManitoba tool is a safe, friendly hub for like-minded residents in Manitoba that want to share rides ­– whether in a vehicle, on a bus, on a bike, or on foot. Workplaces can register for a custom subsite to offer even more advantages to their employees, like an Emergency Ride Home.

The GoManitoba tool allows you to create a profile and link up with others who are taking the same route as you, all with the ability to message and arrange safe meet-ups with other users.

If that’s not enough to be excited about, GoManitoba is drawing a monthly prize for the first 5,000 users, with ongoing contests and opportunities to win by logging your kilometers and tracking your trips. Once you are all set up, simply download the app to your phone to keep track of your trips while on the go!

Register for GoManitoba today. Visit for more information and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to stay in the loop.

Happy carpooling!

A guest post by Samantha Cortes, who joined us from the Red River College Creative Communications program.