Why drive to a meeting when you can bike? Some workplaces offer bicycles as part of their fleet of vehicles for employees to use. Workplaces thinking about setting up a bike fleet should have a few things in place, including a sign-out form, a terms and conditions of use form and/or waiver, and a maintenance and repair process.

Contact GoHappy@greenactioncentre.ca for sample forms you can use to start a bike fleet at your workplace. Download our handy case study on The Manitoba Context for Establishing an Office Bike Fleet.


Who services fleet bikes and makes sure they are safe to ride?

If the bikes were purchased new, some shops include an annual bike tune-up. Other workplaces have a small budget available for annual or seasonal tune-ups. Any problems with a bike should reported by the user on a sign-out form when the bike is returned. Some workplaces who have a large vehicle fleet and a mechanic who is comfortable with bicycles can handle this in house.

Are helmets available? Are there any precautions taken to reduce head lice, etc.?

Employees should be encouraged to bring their own helmets, however extra helmets should be available for use. One workplace offering fleet bikes has a disinfectant spray to be used on the helmets after use.

Do we need a waiver that employees sign? Does liability insurance cover the bike and user in the event of an accident on company time?

Some workplaces have a waiver. Others have an End User Agreement and a Terms and Conditions form. Some insurance providers do cover fleet bikes as long as the bicycle is owned by the workplace. It is recommended that you check with your insurance provider whether they cover the user and workplace in the event of an accident.

Do we need a sign-out form and other user guidelines and protocol?

All bike fleets should have a sign out form, along with a good bicycle lock, key, helmets, bike lights, and bike pump on hand. You may want to require users take a short bicycle safety quiz. Some workplaces also provide guidelines for locking the bike properly while out.