Sharp increases in gas prices have prompted many Winnipeg commuters to try a greener way of getting around. Those who have opted for eco-friendlier travel are finding it can not only be cheaper, but also more convenient, healthier, and less stressful.

What is fueling the change? Motorists have been taken aback by sharp spikes in gas prices. The average cost in Winnipeg has been above $1.20 per litre for weeks. Across Canada, the average price is up to over $1.25 litre. And market watchers expect gas prices to remain high throughout the summer.

Savvy commuters are turning to greener options not only for getting to and from work, but for other errands, too. Taking the bus, cycling and walking are all cheaper and healthier ways to travel. Carpooling, ridesharing and telecommuting are other possibilities. Green Action Centre offers tips to help make the most of these options.

This is also an opportunity to encourage  your employer to accommodate greener commuting at your workplace. Some things to consider — signing on to Winnipeg Transit’s EcoPass program, installing secure bike parking, making bus tickets and bike maps available at the workplace, establishing a ride-sharing program, or designating parking for carpools. Green Action Centre has more ideas on workplace commuter options.

Have to use a vehicle?

What about people who live in areas where alternatives are few or non-existent? Green Action Centre recommends:

  • Reduce driving by combining trips to make the most efficient use of every outing
  • Car pool and share the ride where possible to cut costs
  • Practice eco-driving to get the best gas mileage you can.