The Commuter Challenge is an annual friendly competition that encourages individuals and workplaces to explore greener transportation options for personal, environmental, and community health.

If you bus, walk, cycle, carpool, telecommute or participate in any form of green commuting during the first week of June, register your commute online and be entered to win some great prizes! Get your whole workplace to register – the workplaces with the highest participation rates in their population category are also rewarded!

2016 was the seventeenth year that Green Action Centre coordinated the Commuter Challenge in Manitoba. Winnipeg has won first place in our population category in 13 of the last 14 years, and Thompson has also placed first in their category for the last few years. We hope you will help defend our title again in 2017!

Why participate?

The environment? Finances? Health? Prizes!? Click to learn more.


Need inspiration? Read some commuter stories!

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