Gold – Assiniboine Credit Union

ACU wins Gold in 2012 (Photo: Green Action Centre)

Congratulations to Assiniboine Credit Union (ACU) for garnering top honours in the 2012 Commuter Friendly Workplace Awards! Presented at the Commuter Challenge awards ceremony held June 19th, these uniquely Manitoba awards, presented by Green Action Centre, recognize workplaces that ‘walk the talk’ and support their employees to choose green commuting options year-round.

ACU received the Gold award for creating a corporate environment that actively supports its employees to carpool, take transit, walk or cycle to work. Tools range from providing employees the option of an EcoPass (discounted bus pass) and the choice of a compressed workweek to helping them find carpool partners and allowing flexible start/finish times to accommodate transit and carpooling schedules.

“We believe having programs and policies that encourage our employees to be active and green commuters is smart business,” explains Sharon McMahon, Vice-President of Human Resources at ACU. “I think it makes us a more attractive employer when our employees see us supporting these ideas.”

To back this up, ACU also tracks their progress through annual commuting surveys. Recent survey results demonstrate the success of these efforts. From 2010 to 2011, ACU achieved a 24% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions associated with employee commuting. Active and green options have become increasingly popular at ACU, as more employees realize the health, financial and environmental benefits of sharing a ride, taking the bus or biking to work. Inspiring stories, such as four employees who have become good friends through carpooling this past year, are shared through the company newsletter.

“I hope that other companies look at what we are doing and realize there are a number of ways they could be encouraging their employees to be green commuters too,” says Dennis Cunningham, Manager of Environmental Sustainability at ACU. “I’d like to see our success be duplicated all over Winnipeg.”

Well done, Assiniboine Credit Union! We look forward to hearing even more great things in the future.

Special Thanks

Awards Judges:

William Dowie, representing The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce
Ian Hall, Environmental Coordinator, The City of Winnipeg
Curt Hull, Bike to the Future
Juliane Schaible, Climate Change Branch, Province of Manitoba

Award Presenter:

Juliane Schaible, Province of Manitoba

Representing Assiniboine Credit Union:

(photo, left to right)
Nan Colledge, Community Program Manager
Sharon McMahon, VP, Human Resources
Dennis Cunningham, Manager for Environmental Sustainability