I have been babysitting and nannying kids for as long as I can remember, and over the years, I’ve noticed that even though the parents might be practicing an environmentally friendly way of living, they don’t always teach their children. Kids are growing up in a society and time where technology is everywhere! So many environmental organizations have been creating websites for children that are popping up all over the Internet. These websites have online games, crafts and activities, and information specifically designed to target children and their interests, but to also teach them about the environment and ways that they can help to preserve it. This past week, I’ve found and tested 10 great websites and a free iPad/iPod/iPhone app for you and your kids to play and learn on. Please check out the links below and see what I have to say about each site!


Eeko World Really fun games for kids (the Eeko House game teaches kids about the good and bad household items in their own homes).



Field Trip Earth An interesting way to virtually take field trips to learn about animal conservation.



The Green Squad Fantastic website with a game similar to the Eeko House game; find things that should be changed for the environment within your school.

Tunza A youth website through the UN, based around treating our planet with care.






Roofus’ Solar Home Simple and straight forward; click on the links in the house and they send you to another page with information on being greener, regarding the subject you picked.

Recycle City Very cool! An eco-friendly town kids can click through and find out lots of information on living environmentally. Beautifully illustrated also (a plus for people

who are very visual). Try out the Dumptown Game on their website as well.



Kids Saving Energy Great games for kids to play to teach them how to conserve energy.




Treetures This site teaches kids all about how plant life grows.



WebRangers Interesting site; if you use the environment games, very fun!

Earth Matters 4 Kids
Earth Matters is a non-profit organization that teaches kids, the future leaders, how to live sustainably. A couple games are included.



Green Schools Revolution: The Game app – I did download this game to my iPhone at the beginning of the week. Very fun but challenging! Maybe I’m just bad at these sorts of games, I can’t get past the first level! Fun games for all ages with fun little quizzes in between each game. And it’s free!

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