After more than a year of planning and negotiations, The Winnipeg Repair, Education and Cycling Hub (The WRENCH) will be opening it’s doors to the public this spring.

The organization seeks to improve access to bicycles and to teach community members bike maintenance and mechanical skills. Activities will include youth ‘earn-a-bike’ programming, off-site workshops and classes, and scheduled drop-in time for community members. The WRENCH will also be working to support new and existing school and community bike shops by offering resources and expertise, and by training and mentoring volunteers.

Initially formed as a partnership between community groups and individuals passionate about cycling, The WRENCH has received support from the Winnipeg Foundation, the City of Winnipeg, United Way and Green Action Centre. In December two staff were hired, Cara Fisher, who brings a wealth of experience in active transportation projects from Vancouver, BC, and Geoff Heath, who has been heavily involved in setting up community bike shops in Winnipeg and across North America.

“We’re excited about all of the partnerships we’ve built and the support we’ve received so far” says Fisher. “This is such a valuable project, we really look forward to the programming that we’ll be offering”.

For more information or to contact The WRENCH, visit them online at or contact them by email at