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Mitt and Hats and Scarves, Oh My!

During the cold winter months in Manitoba, going outside can still be enjoyable! All it takes is dressing appropriately, and this is especially important for children.  Ensuring your child is dressed properly, including snow pants, a hat, mitts (consider doubling up!), and something to cover their faces can make outdoor activities – and walking to school – both doable and fun!


Avoiding the Dangers of Winter Driving

Along with the temperature drop and snowfalls of winter, also come additional hazards while driving. In particular, black ice and reduced tire traction can pose a real threat to pedestrians crossing at an intersection. Manitoba Public Insurance highlights the importance of reducing speeds when it’s slippery out, increasing braking distance and watching out for darker pavement, often at intersections, which is a tell-tale sign of black ice. Make the assumption that pedestrians, especially children, are expecting your car to stop, so if you do hit a patch of ice you can remain in control of your vehicle.


A Breath of Clean Air

During the morning rush, convenience and comfort can take top priority in the hustle and bustle of your daily routine. But while it’s tempting in these cold temperatures to keep the car’s interior toasty warm, turning off your vehicle’s engine while stopped in a school zone can save you gas and money, and improve the air quality for the children dashing to and from school. Plus it’s no harder on your engine! With today’s technology, the best way to warm up your vehicle is simply to drive it. So the next time you go to pick your child up from school, make sure to turn off your engine. For more healthy and green living tips, see