Be proud Manitoba, of this institution, of this network, of this legacy!

For thirty years, Green Action Centre has been inspiring change for us. All the people that have come before me and will continue to inspire change after me put their hearts and souls into this work every day.  In a world where climate change, air pollution, consumerism and extinction have become all too common, Green Action Centre and everyone at the Eco Centre is a place to come and stand up for the solutions.

I have been working with the composting and waste reduction program since March of 2014, in that time I have seen many changes at the Centre. I have seen the programs grow and our reliable reputation as a green living hub in the province take a stronghold.  The composting team is established as a dependable resource for composting expertise. We have supported communities and individuals by providing education and guidance for all kinds of waste diversion initiatives.  In schools and communities, at events, displays and libraries, with workplaces, museums and even at City Hall we have been there. Composting is alive and well my friends, and rest assured, the movement is NOT going away.

This place has inspired so many changes in me. I am fortunate to have been surrounded by a truly creative and proud group of people that are not afraid to stand up for the vision of a better world. You have all been mentors to me. So thank you.  I will miss you all dearly.

On my journey forward, I will continue to hold high my values of sustainability and connections with nature. Although we may not always see the direct impact of our work, we are making a difference. On this, dear Green Action Centre followers I say, Stay the course and keep fighting for what is real and good in this world. 

Compost - Jen A

With a full heart, I take my leave for a new adventure.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.

– Albert Einstein