Thank you for your interest in the Home Composting Challenge. This project is part of a waste reduction project at your child’s school. Last year, the school won a contest that initiated a school-wide composting project, and your child has been working hard to collect organic materials and turn it into a natural fertilizer. 

Green Action Centre would like to help bring the miracles of composting to families of the winning schools! 

We are a non-profit environmental non-profit organisation that promotes education and advocacy for various environmental issues. We are committed to helping Manitobans live greener more sustainable lifestyles. We would like to help you to reduce your household waste by up to 40% by starting a backyard composting system


It’s Absolutely Free!

By agreeing to participate in this project, you will receive everything you need to get started. Here are the project details:

Green Action Centre will:

1. provide you with all required equipment for a backyard composting system at your home (including compost bin, aerator tool, pail and instructions).

2. host an presentation in your school’s community to go through the basics of composting and how to get started (all participants are highly encouraged to attend). Equipment will be available for pick-up at our presentation.  More details to come.

3. award prizes to families that have completed their tracking for 8 months and filled out surveys.  Green Action Centre is required to report to our funders on the waste diversion rates of this project and will provide you with a tracking sheet to track your composting activities.

4. conduct individualized home visits to participating families to help set-up equipment, if requested.

5. follow-up with participating families after 6 months to address any troubleshooting.


Families will be selected randomly based on availability of equipment.  All participating families that complete the challenge will receive a prize.

Families that complete the evaluation and survey at the end of the challenge will be entered to win another prize!

How to register

If you are interested in participating in this project, please complete the information below.    Selected families are expected to attend the information session and remain committed to the project for the duration of the challenge (approx. 8 months). Registered families will be randomly selected while supplies last.

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