What would motivate you to try an alternative service supplier in your workplace? Price? Local-fare? A business which gives back to the community? What about a supplier with strong ethical values in the operations of their business – would that appeal to you?

I’m talking about greening the business; making the switch from a current provider to one which is socially responsible. Many Winnipeggers don’t know that there are loads of options out there and that just because you’ve always worked with ‘Sally’ or ‘Tim’ in the past, doesn’t mean you can’t try something else. As consumers – and business owners – we have the luxury of choice.

Coffee fans? Consider Green Bean organic coffee and some of Jonnie’s Sticky Buns – both socially responsible Winnipeg businesses. Boxes of files to ship, move or store? Forget the cardboard – try FROGBOX. Catering a board meeting? Consider Diversity Foods.

The Social Purchasing Portal is an online directory highlighting businesses, co-ops and social enterprises committed to local community economic development in Winnipeg. Have a look through the list of suppliers. From banking to payroll to catering and marketing, there are options out there that are local, affordable, and which hold-up on the ethical-business sniff test. That’s a win-win.