How does your family travel, shop, clean, and use water? Are you doing the best you can to make sure your everyday actions have the least impact on the environment?

This past month, Green Action Centre teamed up with an eco-curious family to help give them that extra help and encouragement to adjust their lifestyle. The family was featured weekly on CBC radio as they took a shot at greening one aspect of their lives each week – corresponding to some of green action centre’s programs. CBC podcasts feature Green Action Centre staff working with the family to learn some of the following:

  • How to clean with eco-friendly home made cleaning products
  • Shopping for local foods, and learning how to feed a family with a lower impact on the earth
  • Learning the basics of composting
  • Learning to conserve water
  • Learning to curb their transportation footprint

The challenge was an amazing experience for our staff and the family!  Visit our Green Make Over on CBC page to listen to the podcasts online!

What else does your family do to lower your impact on the environment? Let us know!