I’m a thrift-store shopper and a lover of all things crafty and DIY. So when I came across “Crafting a Green World,” I knew I had to share it! I absolutely love reusing bits and pieces of old things that no one’s using, and creating something new and beautiful out of them. One man’s junk truly is my treasure! But not only does this satisfy my love of do-it-yourself, but one can make it eco-friendly too. This website not only gives and project ideas for people to use, but they have an entire page dedicated to eco-friendly crafting supplies. I know that I’ll definitely be trying out as many of the projects as I can. There’s some seriously amazing things that you can create.

If you make anything from this website or use it as an inspiration for something else, please email me photos at katimavik@greenactioncentre.ca Happy eco-crafting!