*30th Anniversary guest blog post*

I became very passionate about the environment after spending time with Mary, my friend from the Environmental Speakers Bureau program at Green Action Centre. On several occasions, I’ve invited her to lend her green tips to my grade five classroom. Being green is everyone’s responsibility and we are working on it one teacher and one student at a time!Neil Campbell School - garden - permission sought

Through Green Action Centre’s inspirational messages, I became motivated to contribute more in our school community. As a result, our school is now much more environmentally friendly and our students in particular, have had their passion for the earth ignited. We’ve brought in guest speakers to speak about many green topics including composting, recycling, and even growing our own classroom gardens. One class is growing their own vegetables and sharing them with other classes – quite the green treat!

Neil Campbell School kids - permission soughtThrough the eyes of our students we have seen vast improvements “in our own backyard”. With the help of one of our teachers, we now proudly compost school-wide; each classroom has their own composting bin, which is taken after lunch every day to our school composting bin, which lives in our school yard.

Kids in the school are also encouraged to recycle anything that can be recycled, submit batteries that no longer work so they are not thrown in the garbage, and re-use many items instead of throwing them out. One shift at a time, we’re taking action in our school.

What will your next action be? Until then, be green!Neil campbell school kids - permission sought


Debbie Duncan is a grade five french immersion teacher at Neil Campbell School in Winnipeg.