Sunday morning I snuck out of bed and pulled on a sweater before heading outside for an early morning walk.  I thought about running, but because of our workplace’s participation in the 30×30 Challenge I decided to slow down and take some time for contemplation.  I run with my headphones in, and on this particular morning wanted to listen to the birds sing and the rustle of the neighbourhood rabbits as they scurried away from the side of the road.

I walked up a route I familiarly run, but because I was moving slower, I noticed a little cut-through between the bay’s that I had never noticed before.  I followed it and found myself on a new-to-me street.  Around the bend was another cut-through, which I also followed.  At the end of the path was a park.

It was magic – like discovering an excellent secret…  The park had no road access, so the only way you can get to it is by walking or biking.  It is surrounded by back-yards with trampolines and fire pits, BBQ’s and decks.  There was blue sky and a dawn hazy mist in the air.  I was the only one there, save the couple of robins flirting in the grass, so I wandered over to the swing-set and sat facing the sunrise.

As I pumped my legs and felt the cool morning air brush my face, I thought about the shift in my energy since the start of the 30×30 Challenge.  I’ve been outside every day for 30 minutes – sometimes with purpose, like riding my bike downtown or working in the garden; but I’ve also found myself just taking a walk in the rain here and there, or heading to the park to throw a ball around with friends.

The challenge to fit nature into my day has encouraged me to be playful, and my spirit feels lighter because of it.

What secret places have you uncovered, or what adventures have you been on?