Getting Started with Sustainable Commuting

Green commuting can be difficult, and it can be a real “shock” to your daily routine. We get that. But with some dedication, planning, and help from the Green Action Centre, a green commute shouldn’t be insurmountable. Getting to this page is a great first step. Let’s dive in!

What are the Commuter and Jack Frost Challenges?

The Commuter and Jack Frost Challenge are two week-long events held every June and February respectively. The aim of these challenges are to introduce you to green commuting through an organized and fun competition-style event. Participating in an event that many fellow Manitobans and Canadians are challenged to succeed in and encouraging each other can be a great motivator, and we have some wonderful stories that reflect this. Still not convinced? We have four other great reasons to get you excited to participate.

Winter: Jack Frost Challenge

Manitoba is a winter province. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing! The Jack Frost Challenge tasks Canadians to run, bike, ski, skate, and get outside during our cooler season. Teams of up to five (or individuals!) compete every February to reach 130km in outdoor and active commuting, with the chance to win bragging rights as the “coolest” Manitobans around. Not enough of a draw? How about some sweet participation prizes as well! Click here for more information about Jack Frost Challenge. 

Summer: Commuter Challenge

This is the big one folks. With a draw of as many as 30,000 fellow Canadians, the Commuter Challenge is THE Canadian event for green commuting. Every second week of June, Canadians sign up to log their green commute. Whether by bus, carpool, walk, or bike, you can track your commute and win some sweet prizes, both as an individual or a team. Click here for 2018 Commuter Challenge information and how to get registered!

The Key to Succeed

Still hesitant to get involved? “This sounds hard” you say? That’s okay! Everybody has to start somewhere, and we have compiled a few tried-and-true tips and tricks that have been used by Manitobans who all had the same hesitations. We’ve got your back here.