The Jack Frost Challenge 2021 is in full swing and you all are being absolute champions by bundling up and braving the cold during this extra frosty week.

We are having some technical difficulties on the website and it turns out the full challenge results are not showing up as they have in the past, we hope to have this fixed soon. Until then, we will be updating this blog post daily with the current standings and results from the activities you are doing! We know many of you have friends on other teams and want to compare, or you just like to see how many km’s you need to be the leader, so we are doing are best to make that available to you.

Keep up the good work and have fun!

Please note you can see your own team results with your Team Coordinator login.

If you miss seeing your calories burned and the emissions you are saving by going out and getting active, you can also register at Here you can log your kilometers and modes of travel for more detailed information on the impact you are making. By doing this you will also be entered to win additional prizes, it’s a win-win!

February 8 – Results Alphabetically | Results sorted by Km’s

February 9 – Results Alphabetically | Results sorted by Km’s | Individual Results

February 10 – Results Alphabetically | Results sorted by Km’s | Individual Results

February 11 – Results updated as of Thursday evening

February 12 –Results are being updated periodically.

February 13 –Results are being updated periodically.
Individual Results

Individual Results – please note due to privacy reasons, individuals are not listed by name. You can check your personal standing by logging in and seeing your kilometres, you can then find that number on the list. List is sorted by kilometre standings.