Bring the Jack Frost Challenge to your City, Town, or Community. For a step-by-step guide to coordinating sustainable winter fun, download yours here and then make the commitment here!

About Jack Frost Challenge

During the first week of February, Manitobans celebrate moving in winter by participating in the annual Jack Frost Challenge event. The objective is to form teams of 1-5 people and complete a combined total of 130 kilometres of outdoor activities. This may include walking, running, cycling, ice skating, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and more! The event encourages Manitobans to get outdoors in winter, helping to make active transportation an approachable option all year round.

Why We Need Community Coordinators

As a result of our location and limited capacity, many of the events we run are heavily concentrated in Winnipeg. We want to change that, but we need help from enthusiastic environmentalists and community organizers from across the province to make it happen. We need the help of Community Coordinators to promote the challenge, coordinate local prize donations, and organize events within their communities. Green Action Centre will supply all necessary materials, resources, and support to help make Jack Frost Challenge a success in each community. Is your community IN?

Becoming a Community Coordinator

Step 1: Learn About Jack Frost Challenge Review our event history, past content, and FAQ’s to get a sense of what Jack Frost Challenge is all about.

Step 2: Make the Commitment If you think your community can benefit from Jack Frost Challenge, make the commitment to coordinate the event locally.

Step 3: Connect with Green Action Centre Connect with the sustainable transportation team at Green Action Centre for support throughout the entire coordination process.

Step 4: Plan Jack Frost Challenge in your Community The planning process will be dependent on your capacity, your community, and your goals. This may include planning the businesses you hope to engage with, the best channels to promote the challenge, and what event(s) you’d like to offer. We are here to help you achieve your goals and are happy to assist where we can in the planning process.

Step 5: Engage Local Businesses A key step in making the Jack Frost Challenge feel localized is to secure prize donations from local businesses. To engage these businesses, utilize the Prize Donation Request Letter Template to outline what the challenge is, why they are being approached, and how the prizes will be awarded exclusively to members within the community. As a result, the members of your community will be eligible to win additional prizes!

Step 6: Promote the Challenge To promote Jack Frost Challenge within your community, utilize the Promotional Assets and Materials provided by Green Action Centre. Check our materials page for customizable posters, social media graphics, photos, email templates, social media posts, and more! On a local level, Community Coordinators will have the greatest impact through word-of-mouth, hanging/distributing posters, and promoting it through popular community channels.

Step 7: Execute Events If you are taking on the coordination of a ‘satellite’ Jack Frost Challenge event, kudos to you! The event can follow one of Green Action Centre’s organized events or it can be something unique to your community. Events can be as simple as a group outing on a local trail or bringing skaters together for a hot chocolate – it doesn’t have to be complicated! Try to ensure your event incorporates active transportation, limits waste wherever possible, and serves to inspire sustainable actions beyond Jack Frost Challenge. Contact the team at Green Action Centre for support on event planning, product sourcing, and event coordination.

Step 8: Celebrate Successes After the Jack Frost Challenge is complete, it’s time to celebrate! You helped bring the sustainable winter fun to your community, contributing to a healthier and greener place. Green Action Centre couldn’t have done it without you!

Bonus Coordinator Tasks

Challenge Another Community The Jack Frost Challenge has a fun competitive edge between individuals and teams. So why not cities, towns, and communities? If you are coordinating the challenge in your community, challenge another one! The winner can be determined by most teams, most kilometres, most participants, highest percentage, or any other creative winter wagers.

Take Photos and Videos During the Challenge, take photos and videos that will help Green Action Centre promote Jack Frost Challenge and winter active living. It is always helpful to have more content from across the province!

Engage Local Media Outlets To engage the local media, utilize our media advisory template and tips to secure additional coverage.

Contact Local Politicians/Influencers to Participate To encourage local politicians and influencers, utilize our invitation template and tips to secure additional participation and promotion.

Work with Community Partners on Additional Green Initiatives Green Action Centre is here to help you make lasting environmental changes within your community. Check out our online resources and engage with our programs to advance additional initiatives.  


It’s that easy to spread the winter fun across Manitoba! If you have any questions, comment below or shoot us an email at