The 2021 Jack Frost Challenge is quickly approaching! 

Join the over 700 Manitobans so far who have taken the pledge to get outside, have fun, and earn the chance to win awesome prizes during the week of February 7-13th! 


If you haven’t registered for this years Challenge already…what are you waiting for?!

The Jack Frost Challenge is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with friends, family and coworkers in a safe and fun way, you can register in teams of 1-5 people. Try to beat your friends kilometres, video chat with your team while building a snow sculpture, have some friendly competition between your extended family and see who logs the most activities, and encourage your staff to go for a walk during lunch everyday!
There has never been a better year than this one to embrace what snowy Manitoba has to offer and try out some fun winter outdoor activities! Grab your skates, toboggans, mitts and toques and try to reach 130 kilometres throughout the week, but ultimately, have FUN!

You can register your teams here;

Individuals register here;

And when the Challenge begins, log your outdoor physical activities here!


What counts towards your 130 km goal you ask?

Any and all outdoor physical activities! From shoveling snow, building snow forts and snow buddies, to going tobogganing, skating, skiing and biking, you can even have your doggo join in on the fun by taking them for walks (sorry, but they don’t count as team members).


In it to win it?
We have a ton of amazing prizes available to win by participating in JFC.

  • Aiming to be the person with the most kilometres, there’s a prize for that! Last years highest kilometre individual logged 257 km, WOW!
  • The team with the most kilometres in 2020 won with 811 kms, what’s your team goal?
  • You can also use our GoManitoba App to keep track, and find mentors for advice and motivation for your outdoor activities. You will even be entered to win the GoManitoba Prize Pack just by using the app during the week.
  • Maybe you want to try some new activities, the Passport Prize Pack is perfect for you! Go on an adventure with the exclusive Passport to Winter Fun which has a ton of ideas and mini challenges. Post your achievements with your passport to social media and you’ll be entered to win! 


Jack Frost Challenge for Kids!

We also host the Jack Frost Challenge for KIDS, sign up for access to the kids Passport to Winter Fun, activities, and a chance to win prizes! So far we have over 80 teams registered, including families, classrooms, and even entire schools.
You can take part this year by joining us in celebrating Winter Walk Day on February 10th, organize outdoor classes, polar bear recess or simply walk/ride/roll to and from school, and so much more!

JFC for Kids is sponsored by Safe at Home MB







Thank you to our sponsors!